Fixed Price Contract
If your project has been designed by an architect, we are able to quote on your fully specified project, and give you a fixed price. Unlike most other builders that normally give you a one page quote, we are able to (on request), itemise the entire quote by trade list breakdown, and subcontractor pricing, and reveal our builder's margin for that job. That way there are no surprises at the completion of the project.

Design and Construct
If you have a concept in mind, and a certain budget, we are able to "work backwards". In conjunction with one of our network of architects (or your architect) we can design a product to meet your price. This works well for projects that are financially tight, and where you want the best "bang for your buck". We provide you with a trade breakdown list and proposed specifications list, and state our builder's margin upfront.

Joint Venture Arrangement
We are property developers too. We know what property developers go through and we speak your language. If you are a new developer (or an old one!) and need a joint venture partner to construct your project and share in the profits, we are able to come to some arrangements to help you.

Our synergistic relationship with the overall Equisent Group means we have access to project development finance, private equity, and investors who we can bring together to make your project a reality.

Construction Consulting
New to the game and need some Development Management, Project Management, or Construction Management experience? Starting a new project and trying to get bank funding but the bank says you need more experience on your team?

We are able to help. For over 10 years we have constructed, built, designed, developed and financed millions of dollars of projects Victoria wide. We can provide assistance to your project and we don't charge like wounded bulls. Call us on 0412 591 030 for a free consultation. Why not?